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Open Steel Grating

Open Steel Grating Description

Open Steel Grating, also known as platform steel grating, is a widely used steel grid plate product in recent years. This steel grating is the most widely used in various fields of industry and has the strongest resistance to surface impact, especially the crossbar. Steel gratings with a 50 mm pitch have a strong resistance to lateral impact.

Open Steel Grating Application

It is mainly used in factories, workshops, mining, ports, all kinds of platforms are available, beautiful, easy to install, is a new type of building products. Power plant platform steel grating is suitable for alloy, building materials, power station, boiler, shipbuilding, petrochemical, chemical and general factory buildings, municipal construction and other industries. It has ventilation, light transmission, anti-skid, strong bearing capacity, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, and is installed. A new type of building product that has been replaced. We can add welding kick plates (ribs), tread plate guards, and attachments such as connectors. It can be used for flat steel edging of different specifications of flat steel, or with angle steel, channel steel, square tube, etc.; handles and hinges can also be installed on steel gratings that need to be moved or opened frequently.

Grating Platform Features

Grating Platform is mainly used in the working platform corridor do generally belong to the walkway plate, high-altitude operations, is composed of a bearing bar and bar spacing according to the orthogonal combination of the pressure to open the lock by welding or steel plate fixation. Because the platform grating belongs to the aerial work, so it only needs to meet the manned requirement. The general span is less than 1000. People usually use 253/30/100 or 303/30/100. If the span is less than 1000-1500, we use 323/30/100.

Steel Grating Size: 1m×6m standard type (special size and American standard size are also customizable)
Material: Low carbon steel (Q235)=A36
Surface Treatment: Hot dip galvanizing, paint or no coating
Surface Shape: Plain, Serrated and I type
Steel Grating Standard: China YB/T4001-2007
America ANSI/NAAMM (MBG531-88)
Britain BS4592-1987
Australia AS1657-1992
Steel Standard: China GB700-88 / ASTM (A36) / BS4306 (43A)
Hot dip galvanized steel grating: China GB/T13912-92 / ASTM (A123) / BS729

Technological Process
(1) Material
(2) Pressure Welding
(3) Cutting
(4) Welding of Ends Bar
(5) Hot Dipped Galvani-zation
(6) Final Shipment

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