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Ditch Cover Steel Grating

Ditch cover is a grating product made of steel grating, which is mainly used in some factories and high-end communities, because the cement trench cover is often crushed and the road surface is damaged. Therefore, the trench cover made of steel grating is suitable for different loads.

Ditch cover product classification:

1. Usually, we can divide the ditch cover into hot-dip galvanized ditch cover, stainless steel ditch cover, brass ditch cover, etc. according to the different production materials.

2. According to the shape of the ditch cover, it can be divided into: ordinary ditch cover, U-shaped ditch cover, tubular ditch cover and openable ditch cover.

The characteristics of ditch cover:

1.The material and investment is saved: when the large span and heavy load are used, the price is lower than that of cast iron; and the cost of replacing the cast iron cover due to theft or crushing can be saved.

2.If the surface of the trench cover is treated with hot-dip galvanizing, it will has strong rust resistance.

3.Ditch cover can produce various specifications of trench cover products for users: meet the needs of different environments, loads, spans and shapes, and can provide sizes and shapes according to customers.

4.Using advanced anti-theft cover design, the gutter cover made of steel grating is connected to the frame with hinges, which is anti-theft, safe and easy to open.

5. It made of high-strength carbon steel, which makes the steel grating have high strength: the strength and toughness are much higher than those of cast iron, and can be used in large-span and heavy-load environments such as docks and airports.

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