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The Advantages of Steel Grating

1.Strong seismic capacity, load-bearing capacity and anti-extrusion capacity

The steel grating has strong weighing ability, anti-skid ability and anti-extrusion ability. Even a heavy car is difficult to deform. It can carry dozens of pedestrians and animals walking on it, and can also carry some goods. Put it on it to save the display. The composite steel grating can be used as a workbench. The staff can operate and work on it, and it can also be used as a floor on the factory floor. In some high altitudes where cement is difficult to lay and some difficult Grafted slope passage, steel grating can replace cement to make escalators and corridors, which plays a particularly important role.

2.Strong anti-corrosion ability and drainage ability

Steel grating has strong anti-corrosion ability and drainage ability, especially stainless steel grating has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, air and water corrosion resistance, even dirty domestic sewage will be drained from the steel grating. The hole of the board flows out, and it is installed in the low-lying part of the urban road to discharge the accumulated water and snow. In addition to urban and rural drainage systems, this function of steel grating can also be used in water conservancy projects, dams, ships, car washes, factory filtration, screening, purification, ponds, bathing centers, restaurants, schools, institutions and other places related to drainage.

3.Good isolation and ventilation

Steel grating has good isolation, ventilation and lighting effects, and can be made into simple warehouses, simple houses, sheds, storage rooms, garages and other places for simple storage of items by cooperating with other materials, instead of traditional sand and stone materials and bricks. And other raw materials, to achieve the special role of saving labor and trouble. After galvanizing, painting, plastic coating and other processes, steel grating also has the advantage of being paint-free and maintenance-free.

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