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The Export Package of Steel Grating

Do you know the require for export package about steel grating? To protect the steel gratings and transport them oversea, there are four ways to pack the steel grating.

1.Packed with iron bandages. This kind of packaging of steel grating is around the steel grating, and it is enough to put iron bandages on it.

2.Packed in pallets. The steel grating packaged by the pallet must be small in size, and it is not suitable for this kind of packaging if the size is particularly large.

3.The stacking method is adopted. There are four steel pieces on the top and bottom of the steel grating, and four M8 or M10 long screws in the middle are fastened through the grating holes, which are suitable for loading and unloading of forklifts and rope cranes.

4.Packing with wooden squares.The steel grating with a flat steel thickness of 3mm is padded with four angle irons or wooden squares at the bottom to protect the steel grating from deformation during loading and unloading.

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