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The Development of Steel Grating

Galvanized steel grating is unfamiliar to most of people, but when anyone hear its name, he will think of it as a steel product.

Galvanized steel grating only has its market neutrality in recent years. In the past, the use of galvanized steel grating was very single and the limitations were very small.

Galvanized steel grating was first produced in Wuxi, Jiangsu and Yantai, Shandong province in China. Where there are many national industrial shipyards, the treads of shipyards are basically paved with steel grating, because galvanized steel grating is very suitable for drainage system, and It has anti-slip effect, strong anti-wear, anti-rust as well as anti-corrosion. It also has a good load capacity, even if a heavy truck drives on it, it will not cause any damage.

After several years of market development, many factories, chemical plants, power plants, sewage treatment plants, ports, docks, municipal greening, mining industries, etc. are also optimistic about galvanized steel grating products, and the market for galvanized steel grating has expanded too.

The wire mesh industry in Anping County in Hebei province is developed well. It has a history of hundreds of years. It is fully capable of producing galvanized steel grating. With the growth of the steel grating market, Anping people have also made a lot of contributions. Grating products up to now, has been devided into many types: plug-in steel grating, stainless steel grating, composite steel grating, fan-shaped steel grating, etc. all of them are created by Anping people.

Shuangyi steel grating company is one of the most famous steel grating manufacturer in Anping county, which will provide the best production for you.

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