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The difference between pressure welded steel grating and manual welded steel grating

People who buy steel grating usually have a misunderstanding that all pressure welded steel grating is produced by machines. In fact, pressure welded steel grating includes manual welded steel grating and machine welded steel grating, generally indicated with a capital W. So what is the difference between the two ways?

Pressure-welded steel grating: Also called machine pressure-welded steel grating, it is mainly welded by high-voltage resistance welding machine. It is necessary to place the load-bearing flat steel on a specific mold, and then evenly arrange the crossbars on the flat steel, and press it into the flat steel through pressure and spot welding, so that the welding point is very strong.

The overall production efficiency of machine pressure-welded steel grating is pretty high, and the appearance of production is delicate, but the welding is not as strong as manual welding.

Manual pressure welding steel grating: Manual welding requires punching holes on the flat steel first, placing the crossbar in the hole for spot welding, and welding each contact point between the crossbar and the flat steel, so the solder joints are very firm. The overall process of manual pressure welding steel grating is very flexible, the welding point is very strong, and some special shapes and parts will be taken into account. However, it will take a long time and the labor cost will be high.

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